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July 2014

Best results in patient survey

We are proud to announce that we archieved the best results in the patient survey 2013/2014.

We received the award the second year in a row.

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Things worth knowing

International gifts and giveaways for friends and the mother, when a baby is born

A wristband with the individual name of the baby is a traditional gift. What are we giving in other European and international countries when a baby is born? Therefore we asked our doctors and nurses:

Croatia Croatia

In Croatia it is use to put money under the pillow of the baby, nowadays many relatives are as well buying toys and baby wear.

France France

A new trend there is baby wear out of organic fabric and cotton.

Italy Italy

In Italy it is tradition to give golden wristbands, coins and spoons with the name of the baby.
Nowadays the Italian “nonni” open a bank account or buys shares and starts a life insurance.
Quite often the relatives buy as well expensive and useful things like  a baby-buggy, a car-chair or baby wear.

The Netherlands The Netherlands

Traditional gifts are: teddies, silver spoons baby overalls. For the first visit they give “Kandeel” what is a Dutch speciality for the parents, made of eggs and brandy, which is served warm or hot. In special “Kandeel”-museums you will find a great variety of “Kandeel”-cups. When the queen Beatrix 1938 got born, lots of visitors were drinking “Kandeel”, which is popular ever since.
There is a saying: Kandeel is good for the mother-milk production of the “Mama”.

Poland Poland

Polish parents are writing a list and friends and relative have then the opportunity to buy useful things, quite often they buy a baby- car-seat nowadays.
When the baby gets its name in the church, a symbolic gift is a  silver spoon, which should bring joy and luck.
Quiet often the parents put weeks and months later the first baby tooth on the spoon to remember that important day in a parents and baby life!

Spain Spain

In Spain everybody, who knows the baby wants to see it, because that is a busy day, everybody brings a cake. The baby itself gets baby wear.

Turkey Turkey

What is tradition in giving a Turkish baby?
Of course all baby items, like clothes, bed, toys, goldchain with individual
name, the magic & traditional blue eye to protect towards jealous Vision.
In Turkey th happy parents almost don´t need to buy anything anymore,
due all the presents & happiness & and attention the newborn baby gets.